You know that book you have been dreaming of writing? Let’s make it a reality.

I coach authors and change-makers to get that book out of your head and into your hands.


Discover the 10 Secret Writing Hacks I share with new authors to help them write their stories – Fast.



This new author wrote her book in just 5 months!

“Marina helped me get my thoughts out on paper. I trusted her completely and she gave me the space to release my story. She pushed me to greatness and treated my project as though it was her own. Best part? I completed my manuscript in just 5 months!”

– Shatavia Elder, Author of Student Loans are the Devil

Already published and not seeing success? I support you at any state of your author journey!

“Working with Marina was such a seamless process. I worked with other companies to publish books prior to working with Full Circle Press and what Marina offers is truly on another level. Her team was there from beginning to end – from coaching me through the planning and drafting of every chapter, to editing, design, and publishing, the attention to detail they give to every step of the process is just amazing. You have that 1:1 attention needed to walk you through the entire journey.”

– Ty Lewis, Author of Confessions of a CEO

Your story has the power to change the world.

I’m here to help you tell it.

Hi!  I’m Dr. Marina Gillmore.

I love working with change-makers like you. I’m inspired by people who’ve transformed themselves and their communities.

Maybe you beat the odds and became a success story. Or perhaps you started a movement that changed the lives of others.

Your story needs to be shared.

But writing a book is hard.

Once you’ve written it, how do you publish, market and sell it? Do you need an agent? What about the graphics?

Book publishing – especially self-publishing – is very confusing.

So, if you’re ready to tell your story, I’m here to help you.

With my signature book coaching system, I support you throughout the whole process of writing and publishing your story with ease.

The independent publishing house I founded, Full Circle Press, has launched many successful books and authors into the world.

Our simple system helps you get the story that’s nagging to be written out of your head.

Our pain-free process takes the confusion out of publishing and marketing your book.

I’ve personally written and co-authored several books and I learned the hard way what works and what doesn’t.

That’s why I’m committed to coaching change-makers like you to share your story.

Full Circle Press is an independent publishing house dedicated to telling inspirational stories of personal transformation and community change. Our simplified and effective A-Z book publishing process helps new and established authors write books in record time and with surprising ease.

Imagine how amazing it will feel to finally hold your book in your hands…

How many more years are you going to wait to write it?

How does five months sound?

I’m Ready to Write My Story

More about Marina

Award-winning educator, author and system-changer

Dr. Marina Gillmore is a coach, an educational consultant and a gifted facilitator who works throughout the U.S.  A natural bridge-builder, Marina helps close the gap between idea and action to create deep lasting change in people and systems.

With a doctorate in Educational Leadership, Marina works with educators to advance equity for all students. A lover of good stories, Marina has authored several books herself – and coaches authors to write their own stories through her independent publishing house, Full Circle Press.



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